We are an extremely small, relatively new, diversified family farm on the central Michigan / Indiana border, about 15 minutes southwest of Sturgis, Michigan.

Our property was not originally a farm when we bought it in late 2012 but we are putting work into building it out slowly over time and constantly evaluating its direction while also developing our farming knowledge in order to make it a long-term success.

In addition to this, another of our goals is to make the property inviting as a place for veterans to refocus on their return to civilian life.  This is where the Farmers Veteran Coalition (FVC) and their “Homegrown by Heros” label is one that we are promoting.

Currently we are working on clearing some of the planted pines that surround our home and placing various fruits in their place.  For now that means raspberries and hopefully soon it will include blueberries.  In addition to the clearing and planting, we are also working at making our first (half acre) orchard a success by getting our trees to produce a healthy crop.  We had no idea just how complex that undertaking could be!

If you are a veteran interested in getting started with homesteading, feel free to reach out via the Contact page or through our Facebook.

Thank you for your interest and if you are one of our customers, many deep thanks for your support!